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Miniature Paintings Collection

One of America's premiere famous African-American artists, with his unique style of painting, known as "Tedism". A dynamic blend of impressionism and the raw soulful expression of "folk", defines his painting technique. Ted T. Ellis creates visual miniature paintings that tell a story about African-American History and Culture, his paintings are small art masterpieces.

T. Ellis for over 30 years has been chronicling the African-American experience, boldly documenting African-American lifestyle, history and culture on canvas. His works of art adorn the walls of museums and private collectors throughout the United States.

Many of his collectors for years, have applauded his smaller painting, so much has been said of how T. Ellis captures moments of history and feeling on a very small scale, it speaks to his talent to emote his feelings on canvas. Those smaller paintings are just as impactful as his larger ones. "His talent is amazing!!! As one of his long time collectors noted.

Now, T. Ellis has embarked on a mission committed to create a unique body of miniature originals that speaks the the enduring legacy of African-American History and Culture. A very important collection that will travel the United States exhibiting in museums, universities, and cultural institutions, and in the possession of private collectors.

Miniature painting has been around for over a thousand years,a genre of art that focuses on very small sculptures, engravings and paintings that normally fit in the palm of your hand. There are several international and national organizations that seriously promote the value of miniature art. These miniature treasures are prized by collectors and art institutions.

T. Ellis is poised to make an indelible impression on the world of miniature art. His style of painting, "Tedism" has arrived and will make a lasting impression in miniature art.
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