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Ted Ellis

The Crescent City Voyage

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Size: 18 x 24

T. Ellis Fine Arts brings art with a purpose to the Tom Joyner
Fantastic Voyage Cruise
Famed NOLA artist creates original works to fund scholarships offered by the
Tom Joyner Foundation
Houston, TX - March 24, 2017 –Fine Artist Ted Ellis has a special gift for those sailing with
the Tom Joyner Foundation’s Fantastic Voyage this year. The New Orleans born, Houston
based artist, has created two original works to be auctioned to support the Foundation’s goal of
providing scholarships for HBCU bound students.
Ellis created two original works to celebrate both the spirit of his hometown of New Orleans, and
the unique experience that is the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage. The 30 x 40 Crescent City
Voyage features a traditional New Orleans ‘second line’ partying as a cruise ship sets sail. The
second piece, a 24 x 36, is a closer view of the second line with the ship in dock, and revelers
celebrating along with them. This piece has yet to be named, and Ellis is asking the cruisers to
suggest a name for the piece. Both originals will be on display throughout the cruise and
available for purchase, and two canvas replicas of the pieces will be available for bid, with a with
a portion of the sale proceeds benefiting the Tom Joyner Foundation.
For over 25 years Ellis has been painting and pictorially documenting African-American history,
and using art as an instrument for preserving culture. Participating in this year’s Tom Joyner
Foundation Fantastic Voyage offers an opportunity for Ellis to expose his art to an expanded
audience, while also contributing to the amazing work of the Foundation.
“My goal has always been to challenge folks to see the inherent value of art as a representation
of our culture and heritage,” says Ellis. “I cannot think of a better way to celebrate that than to
offer up these works to support our young people academically.
The Tom Joyner Foundation’s Fantastic Voyage sets sail from New Orleans April 2 for a seven-
day cruise to Mexico, Belize and Mahogany Bay. You can follow the cruise using the hashtag
About Ted Ellis
Ted Ellis is a New Orleans born, Houston resident who created a new genre of art by fusing Folk
Art and Impressionism. A self-taught artist, Ted tells the story of African American history
through his images from rural southern slave and farming scenes to urban sophistication and
black affluence, he captures moments in time powerfully. T. Ellis Art has been commissioned by
major companies and organizations including Walt Disney Studios, Coca Cola, Philip Morris.
Some of his most noted collectors include Spike Lee, Brad Pitt and Roland Martin, as well as,
countless businesses and discerning individual collectors. His works have been exhibited at the
French Embassy in Washington DC for the Inauguration of President Obama in 2009 and in the
halls of the U.S. Senate. He has won numerous awards and best of show through the years and
has worked tirelessly to advocate for arts education in economically depressed communities
across the Gulf Coast.   You can follow T. Ellis on instagram @tellisfineart