Art and Education

Art in education is important for stimulating the mind and improving critical thinking. It can be argued, persuasively, that the visual arts is one of the important pillars for learning. It is the precursor to (STEM) science, technology, engineering and math. An image speaks more that a thousand words.

A visual image educates, it has the ability to articulate at every level of understanding, learning becomes easier, art comprehension is unparalleled. I've witness and demonstrated the positive learning effects of art in education. Students engage their subjects more easily and readily when you use art as a primary instrument to teach and learn.

Traveling throughout the country, from city to city, state to state, I see how students and teachers get excited about art. Watching their reactions, I can see their curiosity, and thirst for information and that’s when art begins to speak and teach. Students engage by asking questions and art always provide an intelligent response to help answer their questions.

I’m convinced that our educational institutions must have a very aggressive proactive art learning program at every level to help students improve their human capital and academic competency.

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Ted T. Ellis






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