10 Reasons to why people collect art by Ted Ellis

Over the past 30 years of selling fine art and reproductions I have observed and found that people buy art for ten main reasons. Art has always impacted society for centuries, placed in homes and their surroundings.Art has been part of the environment, the aesthetics of art can be found in churches, campus grounds of colleges and universities, corporations, museums and civic public spaces. The need to incorporate art into our lives is important.

Through careful analysis, spending hours engaging and listening to the thousands of art enthusiast, collectors, gallery owners and museum curators talk about their passion and admiration for collecting.art. I have come to the conclusion that people buy art for the following ten reasons:

  1. Art provides comfort, it reminds them of an experience, it relates to their past
  2. Art educates, people use art to communicate a message: to voice their opinion
  3. Art is therapeutic, it is used for healing
  4. Art is used for decorating an empty space, it brings life into a space
  5. Art is a monetary investment, it can appreciate in value.
  6. Art is given as a gift, to show love and true friendship
  7. Art is used to start a conversation, whether the dialogue is casual or intense.
  8. Art is used to preserve history and culture
  9. Art is used as a universal language, to communicate visually
  10. Art is used to demonstrate, power, wealth and class among people and countries

These ten reasons bring clarity to the importance of art and why individuals and society benefit from it. Arguably, art is not a want but a need, it sustains us by improving our worth to each other, it elevates humanity and improves our human capital.

Note: This article was written by Ted T. Ellis, a famous African-American artist that travels, speaking and lecturing about the importance of art. His exhibitions of art have been showcased throughout the United States. For booking please contact tedellisart@gmail.com










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